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Elbow - Flexor Pronator Strain

What is it?

Flexor-Pronator strains have a high incidence in throwing athletes. This is due to the repetitive stresses required from their activity. The muscle provides support especially during the acceleration phase and helps with wrist flexion during the release.

  • Pain inside of elbow during cocking or acceleration phase of throwing
  • Tenderness upon palpation just in front of the medial epicondyle
How is it diagnosed?

Clinical evaluation with a thorough throwing history will help identify the strain to the muscle. Special tests of the elbow and wrist can rule out other conditions as will further imaging studies. X-rays are generally normal in a strain to the flexor-pronator muscle.


Patients typically respond in a positive manner to activity modifications (mainly rest from the activity), use of over the counter medications for the pain, and progress through a formal physical therapy program.. In extreme cases, our specialist may suggest injection therapy.



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