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We pride ourselves on our commitment to understand the goals and motivation driving individuals in their sports or performance activities.....

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Our state-of-the-art facility is fully-equipped, and offers digital X-ray services.....

Virginia Institute for Sports Medicine

We are located at 1849 Old Donation Parkway, Virginia Beach, 23454.....

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Orthopaedics in Action

  • We are pleased to offer Saturday hours from 8 am - 1 pm, providing another day of quality care by excellent physicians.
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The hip is a weight-bearing joint, responsible for supporting the body's load when standing and during movement. The main hip joint is comprised of the end of the femur, or thighbone, and a cavity located on the pelvis known as the acetabulum. The femoral head rests within the acetabulum, forming a ball-and-socket joint with a wide range of motion. The bones' surfaces are covered with cartilage that allows the hip to move freely without incurring damage due to friction.

Hip Pain

Damage to the hips can occur due to natural degeneration or through trauma to the bones. As the body ages, the cartilage wears away and becomes less effective at protecting the hip's bones from damage. Bones will deteriorate, and may develop 'bone spurs' on the edges of the joint.


Hip Arthroscopy

Total Hip Replacement

MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement


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